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23-1, Jalan Sp 1/1, Bandar Saujana Putra, 42610, Jenjarom, Selangor




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Prelim, Mobilization And Site Protection

Transportation.. Mobilization.. Site Protection.. Scaffolding.. Clear Debrisnand Cart Out From Site

1nosMYR 1,000.00

Porch (New Structure)

Construct New Extension Structure For Awning Including 2 Unit Of Concrete Footing, 2unit Concrete Column, 150mm Thick Floor Slab Including Reinforced Structure And Other Necessary Work... Construct New Beam Jointing With Existing Beam Including Reinforced Structure... Construct New Post Box Structure And Refuse Chamber With Door Including Reinforced Structure...construct New Roof Trusses And Install New Roof Tile As Suit Gradient With Exiting Porch

1nosMYR 15,630.00

Painting Work

Paint At Wall And Ceiling With 1 Layer Sealer And 2 Layer Finishing... Painting Entire Exterior Wall House... Painting Entire Interior Wall House.. Painting Entire Soffit Ceiling House

1nosMYR 2,680.00

Electrical Work

Relocate Distributor Board (Set). Power, Fan, Light, Aircond, Kitchen Point... Faceplate And Electrical Fitting..

1nosMYR 1,220.00
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